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Sensors, drones, robots, big data, vision, LED lighting, system design & integration, automation, packaging, IT, materials ... The innovations within Agri and Food are developing rapidly. All with one goal: to anticipate on the world’s need for food, address scarcity and respond to the changing food chain. More efficient, effective, sustainable and different ways of production are key for as well machine builders, food processors as for professionals in agriculture and horticulture.

AgriFoodTech is the trade fair with focus on more efficient, effective, sustainable and other ways of production, as well for machine builders, food processors as for professionals in agriculture and horticulture.

On December 12 and 13, 2018, AgriFoodTech will connect top sectors as High Tech Systems & Materials with Agri & Food and Horticulture & Materials. The latest High Tech and IT innovations are represented on both the exhibition floor as in the congress program.

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Comprehensive overview of High Tech and IT innovations for Agri, Food & Horticulture

Did you know that because of the growth and prosperity of the world's population, the demand for food will grow by as much as 60% by 2050? This requires smart innovations that contribute to the economical and smart use of raw materials and soil, improve food production processes and ensure food safety and security. High Tech and IT play a key role to meet these requirements. More than 140 exhibitors and an extensive conference program will offer you a complete overview of innovations that contribute to solving these societal challenges.

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Technological innovations determine the future of Agri & Food. Do you offer solutions for machine builders, the food processing industry, farmers and growers to produce more efficiently, effectively and sustainably? Then present your company on AgriFoodTech! As an exhibitor, you can choose from a wide range of stand and presentation possibiliteis, such as an included product presentation on one of the theme squares. You also have the opportunity to share your knowledge in the conference program.

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