We are currently busy organizing the lecture program. There are several rooms, including one main room (350 people), where various neutral keynote speakers give a presentation. In addition, there are a number of rooms (50 to 100 people) where exhibitors and partners can give lectures or workshops.

We are open to cooperation within the lecture program. AgriFoodTech is ideally suited for landing side events such as congresses, member meetings and workshops.


Take part in the Meet & Match

Enterprise Europe Network organizes in cooperation with the Mikrocentrum and an international B2B matchmaking during the AgriFoodTech exhibition on 11 and 12 December 2019. The goal of the meet & match event is to find relevant contacts throughout the sector.

A few reasons why you should not miss this meet & match event:

  • The opportunity to meet many interesting contacts in a short time.
  • The possibility to discuss in detail your project idea and / or business proposition in bilateral face-to-face interviews of half an hour. Your prepared conversation will give you much more than just exchanging your business card.
  • Meeting key persons from the entire chain: from supplier to machine builder to farmer and grower to food industry
  • The further development of your national and international network.
  • The combination of the fair, the congress and the meet & match calls makes the event ideal for network-oriented networking. Some of the very interesting speakers also take part in the meet & match.

You can register for the event from 11 September. 

Information & Registration

Hackathon Redesign Your Agrifood Business

The 2nd Hackathon Redesign Your Agrifood Business takes place during the fourth AgrifoodTech exhibition in the Brabanthallen on 11 and 12 December. Developers, designers and technicians work for two days on concrete issues of organizations from the Agrifood and Tech sectors. The teams build working prototype applications and innovative business models. They pitch their innovative solutions to an independent jury and have a chance to win a cash prize. Visitors and exhibitors have the opportunity to come and see during the exhibition. We challenge them to contribute in terms of knowledge, skills and network.

What type of issues?
IT-driven issues in the domains such as IoT, Big Data, precision agriculture, food safety, but also new revenue with smart applications.  

For whom?

  • Organizations that want to innovate but do not have the capacity or knowledge themselves, want to be inspired and surprised by solutions from outsiders, want to come into contact with young talent, want to burn their organization as innovative and innovative.
  • Talents who are familiar with application development, the agri-food sector, Technical Business Administration, WTBK, CMders, data science, GeoMedia & Design and motivated business students.
  • Professionals active in the Agrifood or Tech business.