• 14:50-15:15
  • Zaal 4

Intelligent and Compact Power Distribution Module

  • B. Eng. Linga Schuetz
  • E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH

More and more smart components in the vehicle and less and less installation space are topical subjects in the market. The SCS200 is the right answer to all these requirements.
It is an intelligent power distribution system, allowing decentralised control and monitoring of loads via the CAN bus. The design features a pcb-based power distribution in a compact IP67 enclosure.
The SCS200 modules are plug-and-play solutions which help you reduce space and wiring time. Diagnostic capabilities (load current, voltage, load protection, status) and integral CAN connection ensure reliability and connectivity at the same time. The SCS200 was especially designed for the use in construction machinery, agricultural machinery and special vehicles.

Your benefits
- Enhanced safety and load management through diagnostic functions  and CAN connectivity
- Space-saving and flexible installation due to compact IP 67 housing
- Reduction of wiring effort through Plug&Play solution