Technological innovations determine the future of Agri & Food

AgriFoodTech connects professionals from the entire food chain to inspire and inform about the latest technological innovations. And that is necessary, because the top sector Agri, Food & Horticulture and its suppliers face enormous challenges.

Due to the rising population in 2050 to 9 billion, there will be as much food needed worldwide over the next 40 years as the total that has been produced in the past 8,000 years. The result: climate change, scarcity of raw materials and land and a shortage of food. In addition, consumers are more demanding; there must be sufficient variation and choice, but this must also be healthy and safe. In short: the food chain is changing strongly and that is why the sector must produce more efficiently, effectively, sustainably or even differently. Technological innovations play an extremely important role in this. But what does this mean for the processes, products, services, business models and regulations? What is possible and what can you expect in the future? This you will discover on AgriFoodTech.

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AgriFoodTech facilitates knowledge transfer, new business opportunities, interaction and cooporation for professionals working directly or indirectly in the following sectors:

  • Machine, appliance and system manufacturing
  • Seed enhancement
  • Farming
  • Horticulture
  • Farm advisors
  • Food processing industry
  • Education and science
  • Government
  • Business services