- Extensive lecture program: program day 1 and program day 2
- Precision Farming 2.0
- AgriFoodTech Platform Congress
- Meet & Match
- Side Events


Lecture program: the themes

The lectures are sorted per specific target group. The lectures within these tracks are about High Tech & ICT innovations that help tackle current issues. The target groups with associated themes are:

Outdoor farming

Themes: Disease pressure, fertilization, soil health, crop prediction, etc.


Themes: Energy, gas, CO2, crop forecast, robotics, climate, etc.

Food processing industry

Themes: Quality, food safety, hygiene, flexibility, etc.

Machine builders for food processing

Themes: Food safety, hygiene, clean, etc.

Machine builders for agri

Themes: User-friendliness, maintenance, connectivity, sustainability, etc.

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AgriFoodTech Platform Congres 2018: The innovation Dialogue

"Towards a responsible food system"

Companies innovate to be successful. The society demands a sustainable and responsible food system. Socially responsible innovation therefore offers opportunities to be even more successful for both your company and society. The important question, however, is HOW? To find out what this means for your organization, conducting 'the real conversation' is crucial.

During the AgriFoodTech Plaform congress on 12 December, the Innovation Dialogue is therefore central. With entrepreneurs from the Agri, Food and Tech and representatives from the education, research, government and social organizations, we will come to the table with socially responsible innovation on the menu.

More about the AgriFoodTech Platform Congress

AgriFoodTech Platform Congres

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Precision Farming 2.0

At the AgriFoodTech fair in Den Bosch, a symposium will be organized to conclude the Precision Farming 2.0 program on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. This symposium will discuss in detail the contribution of Precision Agriculture to the sustainability of the agricultural sector and the benefits that growers and contractors can achieve with precision agriculture. The connection will also be made with ongoing programs in the field of precision agriculture such as Data Intensive Smart Agrifood Chains (DISAC) and the National Experimental Garden for Precision Farming (NPPL).

In precision agriculture, plants (or animals) get the treatment they need with the help of technology. Different technologies are used for this, such as GPS, sensor technology, ICT and robotisation. The goal of precision agriculture is more yield per hectare with less input and environmental impact.

In addition to strategic decisions at company level, operational operations at plant level form the basis for further optimization of production and sustainability of crops. The big difference with conventional agriculture is that traditional agriculture determines what needs to be done per field, whereas for precision agriculture this is determined per square meter or per plant. Precision agriculture is a data intensive activity, remote and near-by sensors are needed for observing crops, soil, diseases and pests, weather conditions etc. (Observing). Based on the sensor values, specific software with decision rules and models determines the condition of the crop (or soil) and any defects or needs (Diagnostics) and determines whether and if so which location-specific treatment is required (Deciding). Finally, the operational treatment must also be carried out, often by controlling equipment and machines (Performing). After evaluation the chain starts again. The precision farming system is being developed within the entire agri-food sector.

Take part in the Meet & Match

Enterprise Europe Network organizes in cooperation with the Mikrocentrum and an international B2B matchmaking during the AgriFoodTech exhibition on 12 and 13 December 2018. The goal of the meet & match event is to find relevant contacts throughout the sector.

A few reasons why you should not miss this meet & match event:

  • The opportunity to meet many interesting contacts in a short time.
  • The possibility to discuss in detail your project idea and / or business proposition in bilateral face-to-face interviews of half an hour. Your prepared conversation will give you much more than just exchanging your business card.
  • Meeting key persons from the entire chain: from supplier to machine builder to farmer and grower to food industry
  • The further development of your national and international network.
  • The combination of the fair, the congress and the meet & match calls makes the event ideal for network-oriented networking. Some of the very interesting speakers also take part in the meet & match.