• 13:30-13:55
  • Zaal 1 - Limousin 3

Research for effective crop innovation. Acting on wishes in AgriFood & Technology and in society as a whole

  • Christiaan Biemond
  • KeyGene

Crop Innovation is crucial to feed the growing world population, mitigate the challenges of climate change and create more sustainable food production systems. For almost 30 years KeyGene works closely with various partners to accelerate their crop innovation research. We specialize in crop improvement by molecular breeding. This non-GM approach is the fastest and most cost-effective technique to support breeding and food companies bring better crops to market. This enables our partners to accelerate product development to be successful in the market and contribute to solve global challenges. This presentation will share three case studies where KeyGene and partners are making a difference focusing on Agri, Food and Technology.